How to Spy on Facebook

How to Spy on Facebook

Do you want to spy on Facebook for free? If yes, we can help you. There are many free spying apps available online by which you can easily spy on someone’s Facebook. One such app is Free Android Spy. With this app, you can spy on any android phone for free. So if you want to spy on Facebook, you need to make sure, the said person uses an android phone.

This app is available for free. It works in the background in hidden mode so that nobody can detect it. So if you are looking for a free and hidden spying app, this app is perfect for you. With this app, you don’t have to worry about getting caught.

About Facebook:

Facebook Spying

Facebook Spying
Facebook Spying

Facebook is the most used social media platform. Every other person has a Facebook account. Because of this, many people look for apps to spy on Facebook. There are many spying apps available online, but half of them are fake and rest all are paid. There are only a few options left for people who are looking for budget-friendly apps.

Free Android Spy is a budget-friendly spying app which provides free Facebook spying feature. With the Facebook spying feature, you can read all the messages sent and received on Facebook. You can also check the media exchange. You can check all the posts and activities as well.

People who can Spy on Facebook

As spying on Facebook is illegal, only a few people are allowed to do it. And they should do it by properly following all the rules and regulations. You need to read all the terms and conditions given on the spying app’s website to follow proper rules while spying on Facebook.

  • Parents: If your kids are using Facebook, you have every right to spy on them. Facebook is a very dangerous place for young kids. In order to protect them from social harm, you need to spy on their Facebook. It will also help you to monitor and control them.
  • Spouse: If you are facing problems in your marriage because of trust issues, you can mutually agree to spy on each other’s Facebook. It will help you to build back the lost trust.
  • Employer: You need to spy on your employee’s Facebook to know if they are working properly. You can also do it to check if they are sharing any vital information about the company with others.

Steps to Spy on Facebook using Free Android Spy

Steps to Spy on Facebook using Free Android Spy
Steps to Spy on Facebook using Free Android Spy

Follow these steps if you want to learn how to spy on Facebook using Free Android Spy app. You can only spy on an android phone.

Step 1: Registration/Sign up

In the first step, you need to create your spying account. You have to visit the official website of the app and click on register or sign up option to create your own account. Enter your email id as well as other information.

Step 2: Preparation Stage

It would be best if you prepared the phone to install the app. You need to acquire the phone and unlock the password. Once it is done, you need to go to settings and allow downloads from unknown sources. Then you have to go to Google Play to disable Play Protect.

Step 3: Download the app

After the phone is ready, you need to download the app. To download it, you have to go to the app’s website. Open the browser on the phone and go to the official website of the app. There you will find the Download Now option. Click on it to download the app on the phone.

Download Facebook Spy App

Step 4: Install the app

After you download the app, you need to install it. To install the app, you need to open the file manager on the phone and go to the download folder. There, you will find the app file. Tap on the file and click on the install option to install it on the phone.

Step 5: Log in

After you successfully install the app, you need to open the app and click on the sign-in option. Here, you have to enter your spying account credentials to log in. After you have logged in, hide the app and delete all the evidence.

Step 6: Login from your device

Now, use your own device to log in to your spying account.

Step 7: Spy on Facebook

After you have logged in, you can go to the control panel. There, you will find many options. From all the options, you need to select Facebook. Once you do that you can spy on all the Facebook activities on the phone.


This is how you can spy on Facebook by using Free Android Spy. You can spy for free with this app.



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